Welcome to LEEDO Project!

LEEDO Project is where the blockchain game begins and the community gathers.
To make new history, secure your spot in LEEDO project now.

About LEEDO Project

The LEEDO project has distributed LEEDO NFT and tokens to the community
and aims to build a decentralized project.

All decisions of the LEEDO project are made by the community and the DAO,
and the LEEDO project aims to provide a suitable technical environment and funds
for the development team that provides games, game DeFi, communities, marketplace, etc.,
which are the core components of the blockchain game ecosystem.

Based on the community, new projects or development teams are discovered
and financed to create a decentralized game ecosystem.


LEEDO token is the currency used in the LEEDO Project and supports the ERC-20 standard.
LEEDO tokens will be distributed among users who have checked in,
700M will be issued in the first season and 300M in the second season.
Additional issuance needs to be made by decision of the DAO.

The purpose of the LEEDO token is to be created by the community,
" + "but the use cases we anticipate are:

  1. used as currency within the LEEDO Project.
  2. used as a community fund that is used to provide infrastructure in LEEDO World and various content.
  3. given to users who are active in LEEDO Project.
  4. used as a liquidity supply fund for the LEEDO Project.(e.g. Uniswap).

The distribution of LEEDO tokens is as follows:


  1. Genesis
  2. Free Mint
  3. Marketing Channel Open
  4. NFT Staking Open
  5. ERC-20 LEEDO token Launch
  6. Polygon Integration
  7. DAO Contract Release
  8. LEEDO Page Renewal
  1. LEEDO Guild Page Open
  2. LEEDO Market Open
  3. LEEDO NFT Breeding Open
  4. LEEDO NFT Lending Open
  5. LEEDO Game Launch


How to Add Matic Polygon Mainnet to Metamask Wallet
  1. 1. To add Polygon Mainnet, click 'Select Network' on the dropdown menu and then click 'Custom RPC'

  2. 2. Matic Polygon Mainnet Network Information
    Network Name : Matic Polygon Mainnet
    New RPC URL : https://polygon-rpc.com/
    Chain ID : 137
    Currency Symbol : MATIC
    Block Explorer URL : https://polygonscan.com/

  3. 3. When you have added the information, click 'Save'. You are now able to switch directly to Polygon Mainnet from the network dropdown menu.

What is a Leedo NFT Card?
The Leedo NFT Card is an invitation card to check-in to Leedo World. LEEDO Tokens are rewarded for using various utilities in LEEDO World.
How can I get a Leedo NFT card?
It can be obtained by purchasing it on the Opensea Marketplace.
I bought a Leedo NFT card, where can I see it?
Leedo NFT Cards are listed on the Opensea Marketplace, so you can view them in your Opeansea account's profile
Where is the Leedo NFT card used?
You can receive a reward when you check-in to Leedo World, and it is also used as a unique ID such as a SSN within Leedo World. When the game is released in Leedo World, it may be converted and used as a game character or item.
Can I create a game or community with Leedo NFT cards?
Of course. Anyone can create a game or community using the unique properties of each Leedo NFT card. If you need a specific environment when creating a game or community, you can join the Discord channel and ask the DAO.
How is the value of the Leedo NFT card determined?
The value of the Leedo NFT card is not inherent, but is given by games, communities, or services created in Leedo World.